Devadas, M.; Li, Z.; Major, T.; Lo, S.; Havard, N.; Yu, K.; Johns, P.; Hartland, G.
Applied Optics, Volume 52, Pages 7806–7811
Publication year: 2013

The optical extinction of single nanoparticles can be sensitively detected by spatial modulation spectroscopy (SMS), where the particle is moved in and out of a tightly focused laser beam with a piezo-device. Here we show that high sensitivity can be obtained by modulating the beam with a galvo-mirror system, rather than by moving the sample. This work demonstrates an inexpensive method for making a SMS microscope, and shows how an existing laser scanning microscope can be adapted for SMS measurements. The galvo-mirror technique also allows SMS measurements to be performed in a liquid, which is difficult to do with piezo-modulation.

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