Greybush, N.J.; Charipar, K.; Geldmeier, J.A.; Bauman, S.J.; Johns, P.; Naciri, J.; Charipar, N.; Park, K.; Vaia, R.A.; Fontana, J.
ACS Nano, Volume 13, Pages 3875–3883
Publication year: 2019

Information display utilizing plasmonic color generation has recently emerged as an alternative paradigm to traditional printing and display technologies. However, many implementations so far have either presented static pixels with a single display state or rely on relatively slow switching mechanisms such as chemical transformations or liquid crystal transitions. Here, we demonstrate spatial, spectral, and temporal control of light using dynamic plasmonic pixels that function through the electric field induced alignment of plasmonic nanorods in organic suspensions. By tailoring the geometry and composition (Au and Au@Ag) of the nanorods, we illustrate light modulation across a significant portion of the visible and infrared spectrum (600–2,400 nm). The fast (~30 µs), reversible nanorod alignment is manifested as distinct color changes, characterized by shifts of observed chromaticity and luminance. Integration into larger device architectures is showcased by the fabrication of a seven-segment numerical indicator. The control of light on demand achieved in these dynamic plasmonic pixels establishes a favorable platform for engineering high-performance optical devices.

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