Charipar, N.; Johns, P.; Suess, R.J.; Kim, H.; Geldmeier, J.; Trammell, S.; Charipar, K.; Naciri, J.; Piqué, A.; Fontana, J.
Optics Express, Volume 28, Pages 22891-22898
Publication year: 2020

Self-assembled plasmonic metasurfaces are promising optical platforms to achieve accessible flat optics, due to their strong light-matter interaction, nanometer length scale precision, large area, light weight, and high-throughput fabrication. Here, using photothermal continuous wave laser lithography, we show the spectral and spatial tuning of metasurfaces comprised of a monolayer of ligand capped hexagonally packed gold nanospheres. To tune the spectral response of the metasurfaces, we show that by controlling the intensity of a laser focused onto the metasurface that the absorption peak can be reconfigured from the visible to near-infrared wavelength. The irreversible spectral tuning mechanism is attributed to photothermal modification of the surface morphology. Combining self-assembled metasurfaces with laser lithography, we demonstrate an optically thin (λ/42), spectrally selective plasmonic Fresnel zone plate. This work establishes a new pathway for creating flat, large area, frequency selective optical elements using self-assembled plasmonic metasurfaces and laser lithography.

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