Beane, G.; Yu, K.; Devkota, T.; Johns, P.; Brown, B.; Wang, G.P.; Hartland, G.
Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters, Volume 8, Pages 4935−4941
Publication year: 2017

Transient absorption microscopy (TAM) measurements have been used to study the optical properties of surface plasmon polariton (SPP) modes in gold nanoplates on a glass substrate. For thin gold nanoplates, the TAM images show an oscillation in the signal across the plate due to interference between the “bound” and “leaky” SPP modes. The wavelength of the interference pattern is given by λ = 2π/Δk, where Δk is the difference between the wavevectors for the bound and leaky modes and is sensitive to the dielectric constant of the material above the gold nanoplate. Back focal plane imaging was also used to measure the wavevector of the leaky mode, which, in combination with the Δk information from the TAM images, enabled the bound mode wavevector to be determined. These experiments represent the first far-field optical measurement of the wavevector for the bound mode in metal nanostructures.

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